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Christelle Estrada

Utah State Board of Education
Education Specialist
Dr. Christelle Estrada, Ph.D. is the Education Specialist in Student Advocacy Services at the Utah State Board of Education, focusing on Immigrant and Refugee students as well as long term English Learners. She was in the first cohort of Standard Certified Teachers for Cultivating Compassion Training at the Center for Altruism Research in Education (CCARE) at Stanford University. Christelle offers the 8 week course every spring to a small international community of practice for counselors and youth advocates to support dropout prevention throughout the state. She has a doctorate of philosophy from Claremont Graduate University in Education and Religion where her dissertation was nominated for the Peter Lincoln Spencer Dissertation Award in 1993 by the education faculty. Her most recent publication is a chapter in Taking Design Thinking to School by her Stand for colleagues, Goldman and Kabayadondo.