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Lee Stewart

3W Education Consulting Group
Co-Founder / COO
United States
I am passionate about promoting the use of 3.0 digital learning tools combined with Open Educational Resources to create engaging as well as cost-effective "21st century" teaching and learning environments for todays generation of students of all ages - globally!

My education-technology journey began in 1990 with Education Interactive, a company I founded that offered, at the time, 2.0 digital-based (LaserDisc / CD's) educational tools to international schools in the Asia / Pacific region. This was before the universal use of the Internet. Back then, our focus was providing awareness sessions on emerging education technologies as well as training to educators (of all levels) on how to plan, implement and effectively integrate digital learning tools to support, enhance and extend classroom instruction. We trained 1,500 + teachers. We believed awareness and training are the keys ingredients to creating a successful digital learning environment. Still do!