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Peter Smith

Kaplan University
Senior Vice President - Academic Strategies and De
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Peter Smith has been leading innovation in higher education domestically and internationally for over 40 years. Founder and first president of two colleges, the Community College of Vermont (1970) and California State University, Monterey Bay (1995), Peter has also served as the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at George Washington University and as the Assistant Director General for Education at UNESCO in Paris, France. Smith is currently SVP-Academic Strategy at the Kalan Higher Education Group.
Peter’s focus throughout his career has been on older learners, work readiness, new service delivery models and new ways to recognize learning wherever and whenever it has occurred. A member of the founding board of CAEL, the Council for the Assessment of Experiential Learning, he has worked continually to lift up assessment as one of the linch-pins to successful lifelong learning. Smith has written dozens of articles and three books – Your Hidden Credentials: The Value of Learning Outside of College (1986, out of print, contact the author), The Quiet Crisis: How Higher Education is Failing America (Anker, 2004), and Harnessing America’s Wasted Talent: A New Ecology of Learning (Jossey-Bass, 2010). Smith also served in the Vermont State Senate and as Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor before entering the Congress in 1989.